5/11 We have verified the website is sending out new member emails.  If you have not received your welcome email, please check your junk and spam folders.  If you are using GMAIL, you may not receive it at all.  This is out of our control. 

3/9 John is still working on the new theme and chat box.  Larry is working on the mail system.  It seems some members are getting emails and some are not.

3/3 Site calendar added! 

2/9 The new "Join the Hawks" / Renew Membership" form is completed and READY!

2/5 John is working on a new chat-box and a new awesome looking theme!

1/30 The new "Join the Hawks" / Renew Membership" page is still under construction.  This will be completed soon.  Please hang in there and check back.

1/28 NOTE to all, this is still under heavy Reconstruction!  Please hold questions for a few days until an email is sent to everyone.

Thank you!

Larry and John