DEATH of Model Aviation immanent!


Make no mistake! Model Aviation is under attack!  Proposed new FAA rules include forced transmission of ID from on board RC aircraft, forced continuous connection to the internet via a Smartphone, forced containment of RC aircraft within 400' of operator / transmitter in ANY direction, forced registration for EVERY aircraft not just one registration for pilots and the loss of fixed flying sites / RC club sites like The Hawks and many others!

We must stand up and fight this tyranny!

The FAA is accepting comments on the remote ID proposal until March 2, 2020. To help us achieve the best possible outcome on the final rule, it is critically important that everyone submit a comment.


On December 26, the FAA released a proposed rule for remote identification of UAS. There are several areas of concern with the proposed rule that AMA will be pushing back on and we need your help advocating for change.

While the proposal does include AMA’s request to exempt flying sites, the rule should also provide community-based organizations (CBOs), like AMA, more flexibility to establish and maintain fixed flying sites that satisfy remote ID compliance. Second, the rule should create a pathway for remote ID compliance at AMA events and competitions, which may not take place at fixed flying sites. Third, the rule should account for situations where there is no internet connectivity, as many safe places to fly are in rural areas with little or no service. Finally, the rule should not require modelers to register every aircraft individually.

To submit a comment, go to the remote ID proposal page on the federal website here. Click on the “SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT” button at the top of the page. You can use the template in the blog as guidance, edit it to include your personal experience, or create your own message entirely. Complete the form and click on the “SUBMIT COMMENT” button at the end. Please note that comments and information provided are public knowledge.

When writing your comment, please identify your concerns with the proposed rule. It is very important to provide a summary of how your concern will impact your model aircraft operations and include data to back up those concerns. For example, use numbers and address the financial impact the proposal will have on you and suggest alternative solutions. 

Thank you in advance for your advocacy. If you are interested in reading a more detailed summary of the FAA's remote ID proposal, visit our blog here.


Runway repiars completed

Please donate and help the Hawks pay for this new runway repair.  This maintenance is the Hawks burden and has cost us thousands of dollars.  Would you please make a donation to help out?  The amount is up to you. Your asistance will reduce the significant impact on the club treasury.  Please use this PayPal "Donate" button to assist us today.  You do not need a PayPal account.  Most any credit / debit card can be used.  Please donate today!



The HAWKS radio control club is located at 252 Joe Nuxhall Way in Hamilton, Ohio 45015.  Please find the map link at the top right.  We are an organization of dedicated model aircraft enthusiasts.  We fly all sizes and types of RC planes and helicopters.  We also teach newcomers to fly!  We were formed in the fall of 1977.  Bob Smorey was the club founder and its first elected president in 1978. The HAWKS currently administers a field on the City of Hamilton Waste Water Treatment Department of 17 acres and shares a 200 acre grassland set aside for wildlife and bird watching. The HAWKS have also administered several flying sites within Joyce Park and currently run our new facility (created in 2005) on Joe Nuxhall Way that boasts a 550' by 30' paved runway and taxiways.

Come on out and fly with us!