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Next club meeting December 7, 2016, 6:30 PM at the Fairfield Community Arts Center


Holiday Party & Meeting This Wednesday 12/7 at 6:30 PM!

Latest Message: 10 hours, 33 minutes ago
  • Larry Roth: A new members list has been posted. Please log in to view. Thank you!
  • Larry Roth: I responded to the email. Thanks Randy!
  • Randy Pointer: Larry, I took picts of the wings, coming to ya in your email.
  • Butch Needham: Tomorror looks like a day to fly low winds
  • Larry Roth: Hi Randy! Thanks for checking on those wings. If you have time I am interested in the smallest ones. The 28" per panel ones. My email is in the members list please for the photos. I really appreciate it!
  • Larry Roth: New members lists have been posted in the members only area. Please log in to view. Thank you.
  • Randy Pointer: I have some from old small planes from 3 different wing types. On each set, a single wing measures in length: 28" - 32" - 34 1/2" let me know I can text you picts if interested
  • Randy Pointer: All my wings are 2 piece and go together on alum tube spars to bolt on the planes.
  • Randy Pointer: Larry, can you use 2 piece wing set and put them together for your use ?
  • Sharon Rose: Christmad Party December 7, 2016, 6:30 to 8:30 @ Fairfield Community Center. Please bring an appitizer or dessert. Any questions, please give me a call!
  • Tony Ballistreri: Sharon Rose will have the time.
  • Larry Roth: The party is December 7th. No one has provided a time yet.
  • Greg GIRARD: When is the Christmas party?
  • Glenn Corrie: Good board meeting last night........looks like an exciting year coming up
  • Randy Pointer: Sorry Larry, I forgot to check. I'll look tonight and measure some of the spares I have and let you know.
  • Larry Roth: Hey Randy, do you have any wings from an approximately 60-65" wing span plane? Does anyone?
  • Sharon Rose: Mike has 4 12 packs at his house since it was a possiblility that they would freeze.
  • Steve Mudman: oh, good. thanks Glenn
  • Glenn Corrie: Steve we put them in the refridge a few days ago when Tom, and Mike rearranged the containers
  • Steve Mudman: I stopped by the field this morning to restock the pop, I had about 3 cases in the container and its all gone.
  • Glenn Corrie: Next Wednesday...time? Not sure
  • Randy Pointer: Thanks
  • Randy Pointer: How about date and time
  • Glenn Corrie: Do we have a time for the party?
  • Buzz: And Kentucky Fried
  • Sharon Rose: So far we have pop, pizza and pies. One week away from the Christmas party!
  • Frank: Turbine Sunday, this Sunday, Jeff H. from horizon hobby, is bringing his turbine to the Hawks.
  • Sharon Rose: Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving!
  • Glenn Corrie: Happy thanksgiving to all the real flyers.....
  • Buzz: Good to see Kieth, Don, Mike S. & TP at the field. The Sig 1/4 scale Cub flys great.
  • Randy Pointer: Looks like you guys had a good time last weekend, sorry I missed it. Smoke on Sbach looks good Mike. I'll be out this afternoon.
  • Michael A Cain: Sharon ... I will bring an assortment of pop
  • Sharon Rose: Our annual Christmas party is coming up. Hawks will provide KFC chicken, mashed potatoes. Asking people to bring side dishes. We will need pop, desserts and pizza. Please let me know if you can bring something.
  • Michael A Cain: Great Day at the field .... Thanks Leroy for the wonderful grilled foods today!
  • Michael A Cain: Sunday
  • Michael A Cain: Anyone flying today? Looks nice out and not too hot!
  • Michael A Cain: Two is always better than one...«link»
  • Michael A Cain: I locked the outhouse and found a roll of paper laying out near it. Worse yet... The combo lock was open and left set to the combination. Who ever unlocks may want to remove the combo #'s used to open it!
  • Michael A Cain: Flying at the Hawks field have the whole field to myself but alot more fun when other Hawks are out here!
  • Randy Pointer: Looks like a nice day to fly this afternoon. SMILEYS_COOL
  • Sharon Rose: Glenn I enjoyed your video. You should put it on facebook.
  • Leroy Hall: Has anyone seen this yet? 3/4 scale p-51 for sale! «link»
  • Troy D Schwable: And as we were getting ready to leave after running that car off, here comes another car!!!!
  • Troy D Schwable: The car next to the club house wasn't there to fly.
  • Troy D Schwable: Well, stopped back by the field to check on the porta potty, we forgot to lock it, hadn't been gone an hour and a half and as we pulled in there was a car parked back next to the club house.
  • Troy D Schwable: Greetings one and all. The telephone poles have been placed to protect our field, Joyce Park and the Nature Preserve. We will get rods to drive through them on Monday. Until a better option arises these are what we have to help keep vandalism down.
  • Glenn Corrie: hijacking your plane in flight......the talk of the internet....«link»
  • Randy Pointer: See if I get more speed and sound out of my new jet today. I forgot when I brought it out the other day, did not set the throttle end points with the ESC, not sure it was running all the way open. Let you know later ...
  • Randy Pointer: Like to Larry, already planned to fly down here. Today should be a good day with light winds. Next time for sure.
  • Glenn Corrie: Larry, maybe tomorrow......watching weather.......«link»
  • Larry Roth (webmaster): Turbine and or Jet Friday anyone?
  • [RP-Stinger]: If guest 1701 really wanted to talk, he would use his name instead of hiding behind a false one.
  • Troy D Schwable: Telephone poles are delivered today, one group set in the grass and one group set in the gravel, I will move them this weekend. Please leave them alone.
  • Troy D Schwable: The month of November is usually the time where bank accounts are transfered etc.
  • Troy D Schwable: Hey Guest 1701, if you want to tell me what everyone is saying, I'd more than happy to listen, but since no one every calls me when something happens, I don't really care what they say. The new president takes over at the December meeting, it is the first meeting he/she presides over. The november meeting is the current presidents responsibility.
  • [guest_5431]: Guest 1701 Tradition is that the new President takes over when the election results are announced in November. December meeting is usually a Holiday party.
  • [Randy Pointer]: Maidens were great success yesterday. The new Sbach and Viper EDF Jet flew great. Now to start pushing them and finding the limits. SMILEYS_WINK
  • [guest_1701]: If the club president really knew what the members are saying about him, he would do the right thing and step down.
  • Glenn Corrie: Here is a video of Mike and Larry hard at work ........«link»
  • [Randy Pointer]: Calm winds today, looks like a maiden may happen. Be interesting to see the recovery from the trees.
  • Larry Roth (webmaster): Tomorrow the Hawks will attempt a model sky crane operation to extract a captive from one of our trees...
  • Larry Roth (webmaster): Hello to all. If any meeting minutes are missing from the records, it is because they have not been sent to me.
  • [Troy D Schwable]: Not sure, will have to ask Kathy
  • Buzz: meeting?
  • Buzz: When will the club minutes be posted for the last meet8ng?
  • [Troy D Schwable]: The poles are to be laid on side along the ridge from the city border down to our wire fence. As I get more to finish the road perimeter I'll let you know. Larry this is not a voted issue, this is a security issue to the entire property. I will be handling this through the City, the Parks Conservancy and the Conservation Corps.
  • [Robert E Dochterman]: I bet digging the post holes isn't.
  • [....]: R
  • [Tony Ballistreri]: Are the poles free?
  • Chuck Sinoway: Tomorrow is much better. Winds very favorable. I'll be there Dr rules or not!
  • [guest_7522]: 10:00 and the winds are already at 9 from the north.... GC
  • Larry H LaBrie: I'm looking at the previous club minutes. I don't see anything about telephone poles. Did we vote on this?
  • Troy D Schwable: I have arranged for a new barricade to help keep trespasser vehicles off of the flying field. So there will be telephone poles showing up soon, just call me when they show up please!!
  • [guest_545]: Drone racing event on espn2 tonight at 10pm
  • Robert E Dochterman: Found an automotive radar detector in the parking lot. Owner can contact me.
  • Robert E Dochterman: Re 7813, there is a quad course set up in place at the field. See map link to the right.
  • [guest_7813]: Hello, what part of the park is the flying at? Is there a course set up or just an open field? Thanks again
  • [D. R. Boggs]: If your an AMA member you can fly.
  • [guest_7748]: Hello, I will be in the area today and was wondering if I need to be a member to fly at your field? I am part of the CQR group. Thanks
  • Charles H Fowee: Thanks guys, I still have a couple Spektrum receivers, over in for -sale section...
  • [guest_3672]: Just wasn't sure as it can't role down the runway to takeoff or land. It flys like a multirotor until it's in the air then switches over to a plane.
  • [Butch Needham]: Why would it not be permitted at the field?
  • Glenn Corrie: Finally had time to edit a video Keith made of the Discovery Jet "The plywood Bomber" flying........«link»
  • [guest_3672]: Can anyone weigh in on whether the new convergence VTOL will be permitted at the field?
  • Charles H Fowee: Only a couple things left for sale over in the Forum/For Sale section..Thanks all.
  • [guest_2877]: Thanks Frank I was just going to ask the same question.
  • [frankle951]: «link»
  • [butch]: Anyone know the address of the swap meet tomorrow
  • Chuck Sinoway: Great time at the field. No one here.
  • Charles H Fowee: Have a couple things left to sell , look over in the for sale section.. Thanks guys
  • [Michael A Cain]: Great time RP-Stringer!! Steve, I was hoping to see you out there Sunday much calmer wind..... And I new the Bengals would not beat Dallas anyway! SMILEYS_VERY_HAPPY
  • [Tony Ballistreri]: Don't for get to go to Hattison Arromodelers this weekend. «link»
  • Charles H Fowee: Hi guys, having to give up flying awhile, have a Spektrum DX7s, and other stuff for cheap sale, email «email»
  • [RP-Stinger]: Had a great time flying yesterday. Wind was kicking and actually pretty fun. 35mph was a piece of cake. Also good flying Steve & Mike. We did well. SMILEYS_VERY_HAPPY
  • [Troy D Schwable]: Congratulations to those chosen to take over the elected positions of the club.
  • James H Bearden: Just wanted to know what time the meeting is tonight?
  • [Randy Pointer]: Well the WORKS flyin was good. Had great weather and great time flying. Good to see all the ones that made it.
  • [frankle951]: Look like about 10 to 13 hawks member are going to the WORKS field today. SMILEYS_SURPRISED SMILEYS_SURPRISED SMILEYS_SURPRISED
  • [RP-Stinger]: I plan on going. Randy
  • Larry Roth: Pick me! Pick me! I will go! SMILEYS_VERY_HAPPY
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