Master Plan Retains Hawks Flying Field!

Below is a GREAT NEWS email from Mr. Rob Wile of Hamilton City Council to our president Larry Labrie.

  "Larry, I attended the Hamilton Parks Commission monthly meeting yesterday. Good news.  The consultant working with the city and BC Convention & Visitors bureau is recommending that the fields used by the Hawks, not be contemplated in the expansion of the soccer complex.

   City administration listened to the public input, adjusted the plan, and I believe arrived at the correct recommendation. There is much work to be done yet in their master planning; contemplating the location of the driving range, BMX track, and enhancements for Linderwald baseball, but the Hawks field is not on the board.

   Please pass this information on to your membership. Lets keep the lines of communication open as you contemplate more runway and perhaps the hosting of regional events.

Best Regards,
Rob Wile"

This is such wonderful news!  Thanks to all of the Hawks members who help campaign and advocate for this facility and club!   Now more than ever we need your support and membership.  Talk to your friends, ask them to join (or re-join) the Hawks today!  The master plan information article can be found here.