Sink Hole Sports?

Most of us are aware of the many thousands of sink holes in the land we call the airfield.  If your not aware, here is your memo.  The Hawks have been battling these relentless terrain monsters since shortly after the field inception.  Most of these holes are about 15 feet across and some of them more than that.  The sink rate seems to be in inches annually.  This makes for a large volume of fill dirt required to be delivered and put into these holes every Spring.  Of course we don't fill all of the holes each Spring, just the few dozen in our direct ground contact area.  This is a lot of work that simply returns every year.  No matter how much we fill, pack down and level the surface, in one years time we are right back where we started.  This is due to the continuous, seemingly unending sinking.  The holes as we know it are from some refuse product that was buried there years ago.  This problem is so bad that sinking still occurs under the packed and paved areas such as the runway, taxiways, pit areas and parking lot.  We have of course been forced to repave the runway periodical to maintain it's useability.

Do you or anyone you know have ideas on how to permanently stop this sinking?  All ideas are welcomed.  Please contact us with your suggestions.  Here below is one photo showing this problem.  Please click the photo to go to the gallery of several more photos.  Keep in mind, our runway is 30 feet wide.  This gives a good perception of just how large these holes are.

Now that summer is here and the sink holes are dryer I have noticed turkeys lying around in them. If you can get a turkey with your airplane you will win a turkey dinner. I almost got one.


Photos courtesy of Davidson Aviation.