Helicopter Shelter Status - Refund received!

Hello to all, 11-27-2012

The helicopter shelter  installers showed up on Wednesday November 21, 2012 to erect the shelter.  As they were in progress, the Joyce Park acting manager at the time ordered them to stop.  He then contacted me and together we both contacted the city parks department director. 

The director of the city parks apologized for any miscommunication to us previously about building permits and permissions that may have occurred.  We were then directed that any improvement in the park required written permission from the park board regardless of building permit requirements.

He then instructed us to put in writing our request along with a brochure on the shelter we have purchased and submit this information to him for approval.  I have prepared that documentation and I submitted it to the director today for approval to move forward.

Since the installers were sent away and will have to return again, there will be a return fee involved when we move forward.

This is an unfortunate delay and again the park director apologized for the confusion.  I do not know how long this will take.  I am confident the director will expedite our request.  Then we will have to get back on the installation schedule.

Update 11-28-2012:

The city parks department director called me on the phone this morning.  He stated that the structure we proposed for the heli shelter was denied and would not be permitted at all.  He explained that the park board felt it was too unsightly to be placed at the entrance to Joyce Park. 

Here is a link to shelter we proposed: CLICK HERE

He went on to state that ALL improvements for Joyce Park were in fact on hold until the Joyce Park master plan is further into place. 

They do not want us to invest and build with the possibility of having to loose the investment in the very near future as a result of the master plan.

This is very unfortunate.  We have requested a refund for the shelter funds paid out so far ($185.50).  Hopefully  all of those funds will be returned.


Update Wednesday December 12, 2012:

I was notified on the phone by the shelter dealer that our refund is being mailed out!  We thank them for their kindness and understanding.


Update 12-14-2012

The refund has been received in the mail!  It was sent to our PO box and the treasurer now has it.


Thank you.


Larry J. Roth